Italy & Greece - A Road Trip

Thu, Jun 11, 2020 2-minute read

Despite the Coronavirus situation, crisis, event, or whichever doomsday terminology is currently most appropriate, a handful of countries are reopening their borders cautiously for tourism and unfortunately for them as they lift these restrictions they are likely to see my face at the door.

There are of course moral implications to travelling at this time and it’s very easy to engage in cognitive dissonance to justify not missing out on travel a mere three months after widespread lockdown measures. Nevertheless after speaking to some Italian and Greek friends of mine I have concluded that I can minimise my risk to the rest of society. I’m going to embark on a road trip through Italy and Greece and enjoy the remoteness of some of their lesser-touristy areas.

Below you can see the latest draft of my intended route. It is slowly being improved with tips from some very kind friends of mine from the areas. If all goes well then at the end of June I will embark on this mission!



My aim is to dedicate a section of this blog to that travel. With some unique insights from friends I will do my very best to show off what the two countries have to offer, and as I’ll be travelling by car I hope to get some beautiful drone footage along the way.